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Joey The Monk

Filmmaker . Photographer. Director

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Ben & Dahlia | Rye, NH

Lead Videographer & Editor

Ben and Dahlia reached out to me to film their wedding at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH. They wanted a long highlight video and full length raw footage wide shot of each event of the day. 

I made sure to capture the essence of the ocean and the calm nature of the day. I even created an extra video of me interviewing each of their friends and families as a bonus. 

Needless to say, the couples were overly satisfied with the contents!


Wedding Reel 

 Lead Videographer  & Editor

Montage of the different weddings I filmed during my time working as a videographer for a wedding video company. 

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Robert & Yenery | Londonderry, NH

Lead Videographer & Editor

Robert & Yenery wanted a video that would be very memorable and something they can always look back on.

It was a very short wedding at a church.  So I decided to approach it with a hybrid of cinematic & documentary styles of filmmaking and the results were amazing. The couples loved it and said they can't stop watching it! 

Sengpheth & Sharon | Lowell, Massachusetts 

Lead Videographer & Editor

Sengpheth and Sharon wanted to capture the entire wedding starting at the church, and then transitioning to the afterparty in the city. 

This longer form video captured all the essence of the day and the important events. While also showing all the guests and family. 

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