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Joey The Monk

Filmmaker . Photographer. Director

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La Legion Barbershop | Nashua, NH (2022)

Role: Director | Editor | Cinematographer

La Legion Barbershop owners, Tom and Connor contacted me to help them create their first commercial to promote and celebrate the opening of their new barbershop location in Downtown Nashua, NH. They wanted a very retro and old-style feel for the branding aesthetic to match the interior decorations and old history of the shop. I presented this to them...needless to say, they fell in love with the video.

SNHU | Southern New Hampshire University

2022 - Present

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SNHU You're Ready For Your Degree 

Role: Assistant Producer

This commercial showcases real SNHU graduates, giving testimonials of their experiences at the university, and how that experience positively  impacted them in their careers.  

SNHU New Logo & Brand Identity 

Role: Executive Producer

Introducing the university's new logo rebranding. It gives a glimpse into the  inspiration behind it and the history behind it. Our team included interviews with the president of the university and several other leadership staff members. 

Can I Get My Master's in Counseling Online? (2023)

Role: Executive Producer

Testimonials and interviews of current students in the Mental Health Counseling program at SNHU.

What Transfer Credits Will Be Accepted? | College Transfer 

Role: Executive Producer

Informational video with motion graphics explaining all you need to know about transfering credits to the university. 

How Online Military Student Cole Made College Work 

Role: Assistant Producer

Advertisement video featuring a real military student working in the army and also attending SNHU online.
Here we document Cole studying at home, training at the military base, and finally graduating.  

Residence Life and Campus Housing at SNHU 

Role: Executive Producer

Informational video explaining the residential lifestyle on campus and what the many different dormitory facility options. It also shows clips of real students enjoying their time on campus!

Role: Director | Producer | Editor | Cinematographer |  Social Media Marketing Manager


SERVPRO of Nashua |Commercial marketing Campaign (2021-2022)


    I was contracted by SERVPRO of Nashua , to help startup their online presence with the goal of generating more online leads to the business.  To achieve this goal, I created different types of advertisement videos to be used on their social media pages. The method proved to be successful, with their social media pages growing by upwards of 200% in just under 2 months. Below are the content that I made, and the official Facebook company report sheet on the growth of their account.

SERVPRO Emma's Cafe Testimonial

SERVPRO Hazmat Antimicrobial Spraying 

SERVPRO x Operation Delta Dogs Commercial

Audience Growth

Audience Growth

Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Page Impressions

Page Impressions

SERVPRO Barnhouse Dust Cleaning 

SERVPRO Mold Demolition 

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